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Are you new to running or returning after a break? Want to take up running? Come join us!

We regularly organise Beginners courses for aspiring runners. Check out the Beginners Courses page on this website for details of any current programme.

However, if you are keen to start running, you can join us at any time. We usually run 4 times a week and many of our runs are suitable for new or returning runners. If you want company on your runs, advice about running or ideas for new running routes, come along and run with us. No matter your current pace, one or more of our members will be happy to run with you to get you started. Most of our weekly runs are suitable for new runners or can be adapted to suit whatever level you are at and someone will run with you until you feel confident. Don’t worry about getting lost or not keeping up – we will look after you! Once you get to know the routes we run, you can come along to any of our runs and decide how far you want to go. Our members have a range of abilities and many will run at their own pace while others may decide to run together in a group. However, we regularly stop and re-group if necessary, especially during the longer runs, and always meet up at the end to make sure everyone is ok and back safely.

If you’re not sure about joining a club, why not come along and try a couple of runs with us for free? It then only costs €20 annually (Jan-Dec) if you do decide to join – a whole year of running for only €20 - what a bargain!!! Even better, if you join from July onwards, we will only ask you to pay €10 for the rest of the year. It's also only €10 if you spend less than 6 months of the year in Cyprus. As a member, you can choose to run as many or as few of the club runs as you like. Other benefits include discounted Physio treatments, regular social evenings, car-sharing to runs and races plus the unstinting support of your fellow club mates.

West Coast Runners Cyprus is a friendly running club that offers runners encouragement, mentoring, practical advice and plenty of fun while pursuing their goals. We have learned through experience that when we run together we stay more motivated, train harder and run better than we ever thought possible. Some of our members are experienced and fast runners while others are just starting to run. But we all have something in common: we like to run and think that running has to be fun.

For more information on our current running schedule, check the Training Schedule page on this website or find us on Facebook (West Coast Runners Cyprus). If you have any queries about any of our runs, please telephone Christine on 97757159 or Gerry on 99926291.

We look forward to running with you soon!

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